Cool Dogs are a collection of 5000 programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

What are Cool Dogs?

Cool dogs are a super amazing, fun NFT-project which gets you a breathtaking profile pic and a ton of perks including community support, raffles, contests.

Why Get a Cool Dog?

This is a community-focused project with cool and surprising elements like cute breeding, virtual dog food, and pet gifting. By getting a Cool Dog you will have a vote in future developments of the project like a Cool Dog game, Donations, Derivatives, and much more!
Cool Dogs are a limited number of virtual pet NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. There are only 5000 Cool Dogs generated from 150+ elements. Each Cool Dog is different from the others — the outfit, body, hat, and face are all unique.


So, how much?

Cool Dogs are priced at 0.05 Ξ.
And remember — if you own two or more
dogs, you will be able to take part in the
breeding, which will take place shortly after
the release of Generation 1.

How Cool is my Dog?

To begin with, all dogs are pixel perfect and geometrically correct — they are all really cool. But anyway, there are cooler and less cool ones. It all depends on the items your dog is wearing. For example, an ordinary shirt and a cap are less rare, while a fish tank or a tamagotchi head are rarer.

1300 Dogs
1000 Dogs
900 Dogs
600 Dogs
500 Dogs
375 Dogs
250 Dogs
75 Dogs

Future of Cool Dogs?

In the near future, we are planning to implement a breeding mechanism, an animated series, and this is just the beginning.

This is a long-term and incredibly fun project with a great community. We are planning to develop it into a great community project comprised of memes, community rewards, collaborations with big brands, and much more! The future of Cool Dogs is in the hands of the owners — the community will determine the future!


( Community Department )

My name is Mark and I am 25 years old from the UK (England). I work on managing strategy / long term planning, Discord, and Twitter. I also manage and coordinate partnership setup. I got into NFT's to a make a better future but most importantly to build and innovate as a community. Along the way I have met some great life long friends. I have done many other moderator / admin / project team roles. For a career, I work in project management with innovation, in the Automotive industry and studied Product Design and Mechanical Engineering at College / university. For the future of Cool Dogs we need to define a USP, a niche, and something with real utility.

( Art Department )

My name is Anton. I am a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, 3D artist, UI\UX Designer and Animator. I have worked in digital creation since 2005.
I have painted my whole life (about 35 years). I like simplicity in my designs, usability, and pixel-perfect sharpness! I have worked with brands such as LG, Carte D'Or, AXE, Lineage, Mu Online, WoW, and CounterStrike.
I have also developed interfaces for the first generation of smart robotic-kitchens at
I currently work in game development like UI Designer/Animator for about 4 years now at
I love computer games and books about the philosophy of the ancient East. Philosophy helps me to introduce deep meanings in paintings.
In addition to art school, I also studied at the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, so the combination of art and technology have attracted me to NFTs. I also like that artists, with the help of this technology, get more opportunities for self-expression. In the Cool Dogs project I want to implement a lot of creative ideas and implement all my past experience in various fields.

( Creative Department )

I am Dmitry and I am engaged in the strategic planning and concept development for Cool Dogs. I have been in Crypto since BTC was $1000. Also, I am the founder of Unencrypted Team and the “Unencrypted Punks” project (Non-generative art). I am also the author of objective news in Russia about COVID since the beginning of the pandemic. My hobbies include computer games, reading books, and playing guitar. NFTs attracted me very much as a technology of the future. Therefore, in the Cool Dogs project, I want to create something new that no one has ever done with the unexpected use of new features that NFTs and community support give.

( Coding Department )

My name is Sergei. Most often I hide behind monitors, and I communicate with people using messengers and bots programmed by myself. But I also love dogs, so I like not only to study technology but also to do charity projects, such as helping animals. NFTs for me are a special way of self-expression, as well as the technology of the future, which we are currently experiencing. We can all be involved in creating a new world.


1PM Est
Presale start

Every person on the whitelist will be able to mint Cool Dogs NFTs without gas wars!

1PM Est
Launch of Cool Dogs Gen 1

On November 16 we’re going live!

Sold Out
5 Giveaway Contests
Sold Out
First Short Movie
to Keep the Hype
Sold Out
Open Merch Store
Sold Out
Fight Hunger
100% Sold Out -
Comic and Cartoons creation

After Sold Out

50% of secondary market profit will be spent on project development and marketing


A DAO will be established for community sustainability.


Finally, let’s donate some ETH to save endangered animals. Here we are making ETH thanks to animals, so let’s help them together.


You will be able to use your tokens to get a unique Cool Dog Generation 2 token.

5000 / 5000